Sunday, October 19, 2008

Classmates' Responses

These are a few of the responses to various philosophical questions, mostly seen through the lens of dystopic science fiction, from the discussion of my creative work in class.

What is consciousness?
Consciousness (n.) - the freedom to know that you are part of the system. It is the ability to understand that you cannot escape. No matter what you own or who you govern, consciousness is the awareness that absolutely nothing will ever matter.

What is freedom?
(Female) constrained by bricks, plaster, cement, metal
found freedom daunting, distant, detrimental
What a strange idea, to be free
No work? What would pass idle hours?
No Directive? What purpose did she serve then?
No, Freedom was only plausible in small chunks.
was free to wear the clothes she had worn yesterday, she was free to ignore her coworkers, she was free to throw herself in front of a train, and she might do so, if the desire for freedom struck her.

What is good? What is evil?
The good in (Female)'s life is structure. By having a conformist society ruled by order, (Female) can accomplish daily activities without distractions from choices she may have to make. A society that doesn't give options leaves little or no room for questioning ones' self. Therefore all the people in society are equal. This should lead to utopic society and ultimate happiness.
The evil is (Female) seems to not be able to turn off her own feelings. When she sighs about her 11 hour workday, you can feel her displeasure with her regimented lifestyle. The realization that everyone being treated as "equals" is not fair in turn makes the society evil.

How is a priori knowledge possible?
(Female), do you know of what will happen today?
Has your life been made for you?
Before you were born perhaps?
Did the Ideological State Apparatus tell you what to do?
Are you aware? Or are they aware for you?
Do the others know, or are you alone?
A puppet for the ISA,
a preconditioned life for an empty shell.
Will you escape, or will you live your pre-made life to its end?
It's your choice...
Or is it?

Does God exist?

I have to write my character's name within parenthesis ( ) on the blog, as within the intended brackets < > it disappears.

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